Friday, May 5, 2017

These Cars Can "Live" in Water and on Land

The end of the year is getting closer. The rainy season is coming. For those who live in the city of Jakarta and surrounding areas, hearing the word rain can certainly be interpreted with severe congestion and flooding.

To keep going when the flood strikes, having an amphibious car that can go on 2 'nature' is certainly very exciting. Here are some amphibious cars that you can choose to face the rainy season. 
  • Top 4 Cool and Incredible Amphibious Car

Amphibious Car 1961 The Amphicar
1961 The Amphicar
1. 1961 The Amphicar

First appeared in 1961, Amphica is made by Quandt Group and original German product. Unfortunately, the existence of Amphicar was ousted by the rapid growth of the automobile industry and boats of the time, thus making it only produced by 4000 units only until 1965. Currently, Amphica is one of the proofs of amphibious car technology success and become a classic item that has unique value in the eyes of the Automotive enthusiasts.

Amphibious Car 2003 Gibbs Aquada
2003 Gibbs Aquada
2. 2003 Gibbs Aquada

While in the water, the Aquada can drive up to 30 miles / hour and 160 miles / hour when on land. In 2003, Gibbs Aquada was recorded in history as Richard Branson crossed the English Channel and recorded a new time of 1 hour, 40 minutes, 6 seconds.

Amphibious Car 2012 Gibbs Humdinga
2012 Gibbs Humdinga
3. 2012 Gibbs Humdinga

In accordance with its size, Humdinga was first launched to the public in 2012 with a vision to facilitate the access of many people to places or areas that are difficult to reach. Humdinga 4WD system driven by 350 BHP V8 engine that makes it runs as fast as 160 km / h in the water and 65 km / h when in the water.
Amphibious Car Water Car Panther
Water Car Panther
4. Water Car Panther

Panther is the fastest amphibious vehicle today. The vision of the developers is to create amphibious cars that can go as fast as in the water or on land. The result? Panther is able to 'swim' as fast as 60 miles / hour in the water and run up to 125 miles / hour on land.

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